Behavioral Health Rehabilitation

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to educate and transform vulnerable lives. We seek to educate and humbly serve our local community. We are dedicated to elevating the lives of individuals and families struggling with neurodivergent challenges. We are committed to assisting them secure the help they need. And have long lasting success.

    Clinical Services

    We refer members out to meet with a general practitioner or psychiatrist to determine options for medication when appropriate.

    Crisis Intervention

    Interventions in response to a crisis in order to reduce symptoms of severe and persistent mental illness or emotional disturbance.

    Medical Training

    Education and guidance about medications and their possible side effects.

    Confidential, Professional and Accessible

    Behavioral Health Services incorporates a therapeutic model emphasis on developmentally oriented therapy directed at helping members (children, adults and families) succeed in their local environment.

    Stress Reduction Techniques
    Anger Management Skills
    Assertivness Skills

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    Counseling Services

    Professional counselors are available to help members work through a wide variety of issues that they might be facing during their everyday living experience.

    Confidential personal individual and family counseling

    Workshops and presentations to classes and groups.

    Consultation with faculty and contractors.

    Referral for medication evaluation and management with psychiatrist or family practice physicians.

    Group Counseling

    Counseling groups give Members, along with Parents/Guardians the opportunity to share experiences, learn new perspectives, and experiment with new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. Counseling Services offers a number of group therapy options to meet members’ needs.

    The First Visit

    Often, members of LBCO, MHR, can be seen the same day or within a day of making an appointment. Members coming in for the initial visit will be seen for a one hour intake appointment with a team member who will:

    Provide information about what to expect from the counseling process.

    Discuss the member’s presenting issues and concerns

    Deliver a new member assessment and plan for treatment.


    All counseling records are kept strictly confidential and are not part of public records. Information is shared only with a person’s written permission. Exceptions to confidentiality are rare and include when a person poses a threat to his/her own safety or the safety of someone else or when it is ordered by the court.

    Our Staff and Contractors

    LBCOs highly qualified specialists provide support services for homes, schools, and communities. We are proud to work with only the most qualified, motivated, and compassionate professionals.

    Our team consists of M.D., Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors), LPC-IS (Licensed Professional Counselor - Interns) and QMHP-CS (Qualified Mental Health Professionals.

    Eligibility and Cost

    Confidential, time-limited counseling services are available through your Managed Care Organization (Amerigroup, Traditional Medicaid and Private Pay).

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    Pro-Social Skills
    Anxiety Management Skills
    Money Management

    Get in Touch

    We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours or press the button fill out the form